Two Latino Collaborators to join 1/24/13 mixer…

Hello friends!

It brings us great pleasure to announce to distinguished guests, Latino Collaborators that will join us on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at our professional mixer to speak to each of you.  Please join us in welcoming Mary Elizabeth Cedillo-Pereira, Attorney at Law.  Mrs. Cedillo-Pereira (Liz) focuses on the practice of Immigration and Nationality law representing clients from around the world in family, employment, worksite enforcement, litigation, consular processing, and asylum matters. She will share her vast array of involvement in and around the Latino community of Dallas/Ft. Worth and you will learn more of her law firm.  Liz has achieved many accomplishments over the course of her educational and professional experience.


This month we welcome Latino Professional colaborador Steve Gallegos. Mr. Gallegos is a Dallas based Latino speaker, success coach, and personal growth expert and will share his experience and more.   Regarded by many as “America’s Ambassador on Success,” Steve is a Dallas based Latino speaker, success coach, and personal growth expert. He is also a published commercial photographer, and Co-Founder and CEO of WhoYa. If you are like many who are tired of not living the life you desire for yourself, and your family, you will want to know why Latino Leaders Magazine calls him the “Entrepreneur Extraordinaire”.  His current life goal is to serve as a Professional Keynote Speaker primarily to college students, entrepreneurs,and Spanish speaking audiences on the subject of personal growth, decision making, and living by design.  He just released his latest book titled: “Success Begins with a Masters Degree in You”.



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